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Tablets For Jamaican School Children

The Breds Foundation is raising money to pay for tablets for school children in Treasure Beach and surrounding areas, who have been unable to continue their education during the Covid outbreak. Only 30% of the 1,050 students at Newell High School in Treasure Beach have been engaged during this period. Breds has identified an affordable option of a 7” tablet for US$80 and monthly wireless via Hot Spot for US$18 per month. The target is to buy 100 tablets, of which 35 have been secured. To date it has given tablets to students at Newell High, Sandy Bank Primary, Pedro Plains Primary and Newcombe Valley Primary. It now needs to raise funds for an additional 65 tablets to be distributed to the following primary schools in the area: Big Woods, Hopewell, Pondside, Geneva, Barbara Hall, Mountainside, Seaview, Mayfield, Parottee Primary.

Breds founder and owner of Jakes Hotel, Jason Henzell, said: “One of the hardest things to witness during the Coronavirus outbreak period has been students who don’t have access to a device and /or affordable and dependable wireless. I am very grateful to those who have contributed so far. It is great to see the looks on the children’s faces when they receive them and their parents also. This device does more than enable them, it makes them know that there are people are out who care about them.

"The greatest investment we can make to improve the lives of people in our community is education and skills training. In generations gone by, fishing and farming was prosperous and persons could make a decent living without completing a secondary education. While we still want to enjoy a simple way of life, parents realise that the world has evolved and their children do not want to be left behind."

Norma Moxam, the Vice Chair of Breds who heads up the local education committee and is a former Principal and current Chair of Sandy Bank Primary added: "Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

Donations can be made via this link, which was set up by the UK owner of one of the villas in Treasure Beach.

Notes for editors:

The Breds mission is to foster community empowerment through programs designed to enhance the education, vocational training, recreation and livelihoods of Treasure Beach community members and to ensure the sustainability of the environment that nurtures our community. Breds envisions a community where each member is empowered to discover and create opportunity, achieve success and care for one another, while protecting the sustainability of the community of Treasure Beach and its environment.

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