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Back to Work

How do you keep up with the fast moving world of social media after a career break?

(Photo: Lucy in her ITV news reporting days.)

When I went back to work after a career break to have a family, I was anxious to make sure I was up to date with social media trends. It’s a fast moving world which can change dramatically in a week, let alone a year.

The first thing I did was to enrol myself on an excellent social media course for journalists in London, which I would recommend to anyone thinking of stepping into the world of online content. It gave me the confidence to realise I hadn’t forgotten the basics and that the actual act of writing decent copy hasn’t changed, you just have to learn to adapt it for the various platforms out there.

I then made sure I regularly signed up for local social media networking events as often as possible, to pick up new tips and swap ideas. For instance I recently learned that you can use Siri to post to Facebook and Twitter, should you wish to do that on the go!

Having met up with several ex BBC colleagues recently I can say social media drives pretty much all of journalism now and it’s the top priority on all my PR accounts. At Sinclaire Knight we’ve made a successful business advising people who don’t know where to start, but know they ought to be doing it. The only issue I’ve had is ageism – businesses often think only young people understand it and can’t quite believe a ‘middle aged mum’ can help them!

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