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How to PR a Whole Town

Is Wincanton the new Bruton?

It’s undeniable, Bruton is Somerset’s big success story. How did a small town acquire an art gallery and then suddenly find itself in every glossy magazine and Sunday supplement? But if it can happen to Bruton, why not Wincanton? Now that Absolutely Fabulous PR guru Lynne Franks has taken the town to her heart, opening her own shop and wellness centre, our profile could be on the rise. Formerly known for its antique shops, Wincanton is now set to be a big draw for foodies. Lovington’s Bakery has brought trendy loaves to the high street and Bootmakers workshop is thriving - not to mention all the new independent cafes springing up.

Behind the scenes another cool, innovative food producer is having a makeover too. Formerly Markus Products and recently renamed The Flavourworks, it is under new management and you will be hearing a lot more from them in the future. Creators of sauces, marinades, butters and much more to all the big UK food producers, The Flavourworks is fast becoming the town’s most interesting employer. A glance at their funky new signage as you drive through Wincanton Industrial Estate gives you an idea of what they are about. Bright colours, fun designs and jokey signs signify that an exciting employer is in town.

The Flavourworks, bringing fun and colour to Wincanton

Its Managing Director, or Chief Flavourista as he likes to be called, explains: “I like to think of us as the Google of the food industry. Not only do we have a wealth of expertise and access to thousands of interesting ingredients and recipes, we are a fun place to work.”

Chris has created a new Flavourpod - a development kitchen which would look at home in a trendy London restaurant. He has also opened up creative workspaces such as the Cheeseboard and the Garlic Press where employees can gather to swap ideas.

“Working in this end of the food industry was never considered glamorous or much of a career path, but it’s my intention to change that,” Chris adds. “Join us, show some flair and you will be given the chance to advance up the ranks - even to train as a chef.

“The Flavourworks is now firmly established as a leading ingredient supplier and with another food producer, Jardox, just down the road Wincanton is fast becoming an essential calling place for food manufacturers looking for that inspirational touch. We also have the huge advantage that we are set in the beautiful Somerset countryside and with amazing restaurants on all sides.”

For more information on working for The Flavourworks please see their website

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