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That new Facebook algorithm

Updated: Feb 1, 2018

Will your business page suffer with the new Facebook newsfeed changes? The short answer is yes. And no.

Like everything in life, it depends how much time you are prepared to put in. Facebook wants to cut down on clickbait, spammy posts and fake news. It wants you to engage with content and to have a conversation rather than passively consume. (It also wants you to spend money on advertising of course, but more of that later.)

There are several ways to make sure your business is still seen on news feeds:

  • The 'see first' option. Encourage followers to visit your page and click on the 'Following' drop down, then select 'See First'. These means you will always be at the top of their newsfeed.

  • Start a conversation. Encourage feedback and always like and answer comments from followers. Don't ask for tagging as that's spammy but have a genuine debate or exchange of information.

  • Be human. Post things that people are interested in, don't direct sell and don't constantly ask for shares - just wait for it to happen naturally. Asking for re-posts, tags or copy/pastes will set Facebook's alarms and most likely drop you off their timelines.

  • Become an expert, give people a real reason to want to share your posts or comment on them.

  • Don't be tempted to set up your business page as a person so you can pick up 'friends'. Facebook is pretty strict on this now and any hint that you are really a page and it will shut you down!

It's worth experimenting with Facebook ads as they are a great way to target your audience by narrowing it down to a geographical area, age group or to those who have expressed an interest in your business topics.

Take care though, once you have used ads a few times prices can start to creep up as you become more dependant on the service for likes and click throughs to your website. Using it can also lead to your other unpaid for posts losing prominence, which can be hard to build up again.

And don't forget to make sure you have good website SEO and active prominence on other social media sites. These will also drive people to your Facebook page, as all those good things will lead Google to push your page higher in up its rankings.

Lastly, don't despair. Keep on posting and hang on in there for the next algorithm change...


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